That’s an awfully big picture of croutons for an “About Us” page, but in this case, those croutons symbolize the ethos of The Green Tomato Kitchen – which is that nothing gets overlooked, nothing is half-assed and everything is made the way it used to be.  The way it should be.

A commercial bag of croutons costs next to nothing and will stay “fresh” until Twinkies expire, but you’re not going to go to the produce market before the crack of dawn every morning to prepare a salad topped with processed chunks of stale bread.   Not when you’re trying to re-define takeout, and certainly not when you’re passionate about food.

The Green Tomato Kitchen’s owner, John Ryan, has been re-defining take-out since 2003 with a passion for food born in his grandmother’s kitchen.  He’d watch and learn as she’d spend her days making home cooked meals from real ingredients, in the way that everyone once did, to feed her family and often, the neighborhood. 

For many of us, those days of sitting down with family or friends to a plate of food made from scratch have gone from the norm to a luxury.   Life is different now, people are busier and we simply don’t have the time to prepare food as we’d like to.  

The Green Tomato’s mission is to bring a piece of those days back with a plate of fresh roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy; with homemade meatballs that were never frozen or a bowl of chicken soup that didn’t come from a can.  With real food, made from real ingredients, the way John’s grandmother, my grandmother and your grandmother would’ve wanted it.  


Real croutons, baked fresh daily. 

No one does that.